Realtime Ultrasound

What is Realtime Ultrasound:

Real time ultrasound uses harmless sound waves to create an image on a screen for you to see what’s going on inside under the skin.

Using a diagnostic ultrasound, you can watch your different layers of muscles contract, relax and most importantly look at muscle contraction timing.

The ability to see your muscles working in action can be very helpful to help you connect and improve muscle performance, particularly in the pelvic floor, where people find this hard.

Realtime Ultrasound is used for the following reasons at Genesis Physiotherapy;
  • Abdominal activation patterns
    This is particularly helpful postnatally when we often need to retrain abdominals
  • Pelvic Floor Muscles
    • Check whether you are able to “lift” or elevate the muscles correctly and not push or bear down
    • Test your muscle endurance
    • To test quick contractions (important to prevent leakage with cough or sneeze!)
    • To see exactly what is happening in the muscles during functional movements eg. squat or crunch.  This allows us to accurately rehabilitate and isolate the muscle in question.
    • To see if you are emptying your bladder fully with a post-void check


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