Pelvic Floor Stimulators

Electrical stimulation for the pelvic floor

How does electrical stimulation work?

When electrical stimulation is applied to the body, it creates a flow or current of electrically charged particles, which in turn creates physiological changes in the tissue through which the charge flows. Therefore if you apply electrical stimulation to the pelvic floor muscles, you can create changes in these muscles.

Pelvic floor electrical stimulation is usually a pulsed “bi-directional and biphasic” current. This means that charged particles move in one direction, drop to zero, and then change direction. This type of current reduces the chance of skin irritation.

Electrical Stimulation is helpful for:
  • Improving the strength of your pelvic floor muscles if they are very weak or deconditioned.
  • Helping to locate, identify and isolate the pelvic floor muscles to help you learn how to do a pelvic floor muscle contraction correctly. Some people have good tone in their muscles but are not ‘connected’ well enough to be able to voluntarily contract them. E-stim can be helpful to re-educate the sensorimotor pathways to help you learn how to contract correctly.
  • In the form of TENS it can be used very successfully for reducing bladder and bowel urgency which often results in loss of control.
  • Persistent pelvic pain can respond well to including some TENS in treatment. It can replace drugs in many cases and is non-invasive, cheap and risk-free with no side effects.

There are many different types of pelvic floor electrical stimulation devices available, but our Pelvic Health Physios can help you decide which one might be right for you and teach you how to use it from home safely and with confidence.

If you have any more questions about pelvic floor stimulators, please call or email Genesis Physiotherapy.


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