Pelvic Pain, Groin Pain & Sacral pain

Your pelvic girdle is a ring of bone at the base of your spine. With their muscle & ligament attachments, they support the trunk &  link the spine to the legs.

Diagram here


During pregnancy, hormones tend to soften all our ligament & connective tissues in preparation for the birth. This can be a big problem in the pelvis, as you lose much of the rigid support they provide. Couple this with the weight of a growing baby & changing dynamics of posture & movement can result in instability & pain. Commonly you may have groin pain, lower back pain, buttock pain & even pain radiating down your legs.

Please ignore those who will pat you on the shoulder & say “Don’t worry, it will go away when you have the baby”. This may not be the case. We have seen many women 2 to 3 years later still having problems & finally giving up on waiting for it to go away.

If you have a problem in movement that is not addressed in the early stages it becomes a not very helpful pattern that persists & takes a lot of work to correct. Therapy will help to ease the pain & educate you about the right patterns of movement & exercise.

Hints for home to help Minimise pain