It can be quite alarming to find painful red or purple bulges around the anus. These are haemorrhoids. They are swollen & inflamed veins on the inner surface of the anal canal & around the anal opening.

Haemorrhoids in are common in the general population & are usually caused by prolonged straining to have a bowel motion or lifting something that is too heavy. For those prone to them they can also be caused by chronic diarrhea. The weight of the baby in pregnancy can also cause haemorrhoids by compressing the pelvic blood vessels.


At home, the best treatment you can use is icepacks. Childrens tube icypoles are a good size. You can use them for pain relief & to ease the swelling. Only apply the ice for 15 minutes every 2 to 4 hours. Be careful to wrap the ice in a thin layer of cloth ( e.g. chux) & never sit on an icepack – the last thing you need is a haemorrhoid with an ice burn on top of it.

Your haemorrhoids also need lots of rest. Lying down regularly will relieve the effect of gravity causing more swelling (so do your icing lying down!). Firm underwear with one or 2 sanitary pads can give added support also.

Your Dr or pharmacist can help you with appropriate creams for pregnancy

Therapeutic ultrasound is very effective to reduce pain & swelling. It can be used safely in pregnancy & is a painless treatment. Most women are a little tentative to have treatment the first time but very keen after feeling its benefits! You can book online on this webpage for a prompt appointment