Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Many women can develop painful, numb fingers during pregnancy, particularly at night. This is happening because swelling in the hand & wrist is compressing the nerves that run across the palmar surface of the wrist. Pregnancy carpal tunnel will eventually resolve by itself several weeks after birth.

You can ease the swelling & pain by regular icepacks across the wrist & palm. Apply for 15 mins several times a day.

Try & avoid repetitive tasks with your hands. These will increase the swelling & inflammation.

Carpel Tunnel

We tend to sleep in all sorts of funny positions with our hands and aggravate the symptoms. You could try splinting your wrist at night with something like a plastic spatula & a bandage. If this eases your pain you are a good candidate for wrist splints. These are relatively inexpensive & can be worn during the day as well. Genesis can supply splints as well as treatment to ease your symptoms.

In the first few days after having your baby most women retain fluid & this swelling can aggravate your carpal tunnel. It is hard enough learning to handle your new baby without having numbness as well. Many fear they will drop the baby. You should continue with your icing & splints. Genesis Physiotherapy is on the maternity 7 days a week at SJOG Subiaco, so we can help with therapeutic ultrasound & stretches.