Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) helps to accelerate the body’s recovery and healing process and can provide some instant pain relief associated with breastfeeding.

The localised trauma, swelling and inflammation of the breast will be targeted by the laser. The LLLT can provide an immediate reduction in the level of pain that women feel with breastfeeding, which continues to improve as the healing process occurs.

Cracks, grazes and blisters are often difficult to heal as the baby will feed so regularly. Even when mother and baby have perfected the correct latch, the initial trauma to the breast can linger.



LLLT isn’t as expensive as you may think - with private health cover, your maximum out of pocket cost is generally under $69* per session.

*price varies depending on your level of cover

The treatment works by the laser light passing through the tissue of the breast harmoniously. It is painless, but you may feel a warming sensation. It will not cause any damage to the breast tissue either internally or externally. Some women feel pain relief by the next feed with continual progress up to three days later.

Why Low-Level Laser Therapy?

  • Accelerated Healing & Pain Relief
  • Increased healing time of nipple trauma due to early issues with feeding or poor attachment.
  • You can breastfeed more comfortably whilst breastfeeding attachment issues are addressed with your lactation consultant.
  • Allows the body to heal while reducing the need for medications, steroid creams and antibiotics.
  • Gives women the ability to treat breastfeeding issues early rather than later when symptoms are significantly impacting breastfeeding.

What causes nipple pain/trauma during breastfeeding?

  • Friction on the nipple from the infants sucking action
  • Strong infant sucking action
  • Anatomical differences in the infant’s palate or tongue
  • Suboptimal positioning and attachment
  • Flat or inverted nipples
  • Infection (e.g. thrush on the nipple)
  • Psoriasis
  • Dermatitis
  • Raynaud’s disease

So, if you are experiencing nipple pain during breastfeeding or nipple trauma that won’t heal then low-level laser therapy may be useful for you.

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